EMG Motorsports has been fortunate to have some of the world’s best automobiles pass through our hands. Our trusted relationship with other dealers, collectors and enthusiasts have allowed us to obtain some of the most collectable and rare cars on the market. Whether you are looking for an investment or just another car to add to your collection you can be assured you are buying the best example available.


CURRENT Inventory


Porsche 997 GT3 Cup
Porsche Super Tractor







SOLD Inventory


Ferrari Enzo
Renault Clio V6
Lola T70
Porsche 935 JLP






EMG Lending




EMG is proud to offer vehicle based lending options through our sister company EMG Lending. Drawing from our experience and expertise in the collector car market EMG lending understands the value in your car, and is able to provide lending options not possible through traditional lending. Helping both private individuals and companies alike find cash in assets they maybe hadn’t considered. Click here to see more.